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I am a subscriber but do not know my password. What is it

When we launched the new Web site, everyone's password was set as:123456. Unless you have changed it, use 123456. If you have any problems just send us a note.

Who may submit an aviation event or flying destination for posting

How long does it take for an aviation event or flying destination to appear after posting
Each posting is reviewed by our staff before going "live". This review process typically takes approximately 72 hours or more.

Are all aviation events and flying destinations eligible to be posted
Fly-ins.com reserves the right to determine which events and destinations will be posted. Overtly commercial postings will not be allowed other than in the form of banner ads. This does not apply to things such as commercial notes for destinations (nearby restaurants, hotels, etc.).

What if my aviation event or destination is posted but I want to make changes
For any aviation events or flying destinations that need to be revised or updated, please e-mail us at: Admin@Fly-ins.com. Be sure to include the correction to be made AND the event date and location or, if it is a destination listing, the name and location of the destination.