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Friday-Sunday, Sep 15, 2017 - Sep 17, 2017 (4:00 PM. -- 1:00 PM.)
Hammondsport, New York: 20 S of Penn Yan, NY (KPEO)
2017 Seaplane Homecoming
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2017 Seaplane Homecoming. Hammondsport, NY Curtiss Seaplane Homecoming on Keuka Lake, Hammondsport. Please join us at the south end of Keuka Lake the weekend of Sept. 15-18. (1 week after Greenville International Seaplane Fly-In) Friday no planned activities, but town docks and amphibian ramp available. Those who arrive have a great time in the local bars and restaurants. Saturday local flying, flying contests, and seaplane parade around Keuka. Sat night: Cocktail hour, dinner, guest speaker; all in the museum, seated amongst the antique Curtiss Hydroaeroplanes. Pilot and copilot free. 607-569-2160 or http://www.glennhcurtissmuseum.com New this year, a concurrent classic/exotic car show in the village. Frequency 123.45 Amphibs: Taxi up the ramp just west of the docks. If crowded(specifically Saturday), taxi straight in and shut down. Plenty of help is available to push airplanes around. Straight Floatplanes: Be careful at the docks. If you pull in nose first there is no facing on the boardwalk. The floats can go under the boardwalk, exposing your prop and cowling to damage. If the wind is out of the north, making the docks unusable, there is a good beach at a park on the southeastern shore. Landplanes: there is a small grass strip, Kolo Field, uncharted, about 1 mile south of town just east of Route 54. Try on 123.45 to get a ride, or call the museum. Penn Yan, KPEO is 20 miles north, with full services.

Airport Information:
20 S of Penn Yan, NY (KPEO)
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Contact - Ben Johnson

Phone - 607 569-2160

Website - www.glennhcurtissmuseum.com

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2017 Seaplane Homecoming

20 S of Penn Yan, NY (KPEO)

Hammondsport, New York 14840