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Welcome to the wonderful world of aviation and aviation events!

The Aviation Foundation of America is a non-profit 501(c)3 public charity. Our mission is to preserve and promote America’s general and civil aviation heritage. The foundation operates Fly-ins.com as part of that mission.

Fly-ins.com is America’s oldest and largest website dedicated to keeping you informed of aviation related events and destinations. Here you will find thousands of airshows, fly-ins, and other aviation activities.

One important innovation we've added is our automatic e-mail notification system. In addition to searching the existing postings from the Home Page, you can also register to receive an e-mail notification every time an event in your area (or any areas you define) is listed with us.

We hope you use and enjoy Flyins.com and encourage your support. We also appreciate your spreading the word to your friends about this informative website. If you know the sponsors of any aviation events, please tell them about us and suggest that they post their event with us. It's absolutely free to post with us and it benefits everyone in the aviation community.

General funding for the Aviation Foundation of America is provided by individuals and organizations interested in promoting the growth, preservation and understanding of general and civil aviation in the United States. The foundation is operated by a board of directors who are not paid and consists of individuals interested in the foundation's goals and objectives. Most of our board members are pilots and we actively participate in a wide range of these activities.

We encourage monetary contributions to support Fly-ins.com and other foundation projects. Tax-deductible contributions may be sent directly to:

Aviation Foundation of America, Inc.,
640 Taft Street NE
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55413

E-mail: admin@Fly-ins.com

Fly safe! Have fun!